Friday, 11 January 2013


Roboform full version free download(password manager, password vault)

  • Friday, 11 January 2013
  • Zafar Bukhari
  • Roboform is the best password manager on the market. It sits on your system under a "Master" password, then stores your various login id's and passwords for all your accounts, which will allow you to use much more secure passwords without having to memorize them. It will also generate strong passwords for you and has autofill capability. You remember the master password Roboform remembers the rest. Protects against Identity theft. It has a free version but limits the number of accounts. The purchased version is unlimited.

    password manager

    RoboForm, the proprietary software password management program developed by Siber Systems, Inc. It is available for many web browsers, but mainly supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape, as well as support for Palm
    1.All Your Logins in One Place
    Keep all your logins completely in sync. No more worries about remembering your passwords. Access your favorite sites quickly and securely.
    2.Fill forms with a Single Click
    Save time with easy one-click form filling. Let RoboForm Password Manager fill in your data on almost any web form. No more needless typing!
    3.Access from Anywhere
    Whether you are on your desktop, laptop, netbook, or mobile device, you can always securely access RoboForm Password Manager from anywhere.
    4.Password management
    password management is very easy using roboform(best password manager).
    Click below link to install roboform with crack free download…
    password manager
    As downloaded file in .RAR so you must need WinRar to extract it.
    Download WinRar HERE....

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