Best diet to lose weight

  • I am not like the word “dieting”. In teenager I try several dieting techniques, and I coannot not tell you about that(hahaha). After many years, I learnt the key of the best diet to lose weight. The best diet to lose weight should not feel like a diet, it should be a lifestyle.
    Diet is temporary, that’s why you will not stick with it. The best diet to lose weight is something you can tolerate.Your approach to eat healthy food is most important.
    Best diet to lose weight

    If you don't cheat once in a while, you will end up cheating all the time. Therefore, cheating is a part of a healthy diet! Let's take a close look at several 'diet plans' in the market and analyze them. The drawbacks of a 'strict diet' to lose weight are:
    (a) Diets require that you eat a certain way. Unless a diet is well-planned, it may stress too much of one nutrient at the cost of another . For example, a high protein diet is, as the name suggests, high in protein and fat. By default, this means that it's hard to get a satisfactory supply of complex carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals with such a diet. Although some updated diet plans attempt to correct this imbalance with healthy choices, the million dollar question is:- Can you stick with that plan for the rest of your life? Research has shown that individuals who go on a strict diet tend to give up at some point. If they revert back to old (generally unhealthy) eating habits, they not only gain the weight back, but put on some more weight! This leads to a vicious 'yo-yo' affect in which he/she goes on yet another diet, and fails to lose weight. The only think one ends up losing is hope, motivation and knowledge about the right foods/habits to get on the right track.
    Best diet to lose weight

    (b) Many diets require some degree of starvation. Starving is a surefire way to slow down your metabolism and gain weight in the long run! If you don't eat enough, your metabolism shuts down so your body gets used to eating little calories. Your body develops a tendency to store fat, instead of lose it.
    Best diet to lose weight
    Best diet to lose weight
    Best diet to lose weight
    (c) A diet can be an ordeal to sustain for many people. It can affect your social life (you can't eat what your friends are eating), your state of mind and even your health. Any food restriction in diets can be harmful because the body does not obtain a sufficient variety of nutrients. Also, if you give up on the diet, you not only regain the weight, but tend to 'binge' on the foods you missed and may even become worse in your eating habits!
    Experiment is the best way to find a diet that works for you. Enjoy the foods you. Try and get a diet plan and use it as a benchmark for what you can, and cannot eat. Read food labels and shop as healthy as you can.
    In short, the best diet to lose weight is healthy, something you can afford, and from which you can diverge once in a while.

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