Sunday, 6 January 2013


Autoblogged : A Wordpress Plugin

  • Sunday, 6 January 2013
  • Zafar Bukhari
  • AutoBlogged is a useful WordPress plugin::
    If you want your sites to rank high and make you money, you need to have steady streams of fresh, keyword-optimized content rolling in. Updating a site and creating new content for it is time-consuming; AutoBlogged is an autoblogging software program that simplifies and streamlines the process for you through a WP autoblog. With this WordPress plugin, you can autopost and get the job done more quickly.

    This simple Wordpress Plugin autoblog program lets you create autoblogs in minutes. Once you’ve set up autoposting, the blogging process couldn’t be easier. This autoblogging plugin lets you set up a WordPress autoblog without having a lot of technical know-how. As a plugin, it integrates easily with the WordPress blogging program. You’re sure to appreciate the ease with which it lets you set up your WordPress autoblog.

    What is Autoblogging Software?

    Like many people, you probably use Wordpress Plugin for your blogging needs. After all, it’s very cost effective. AutoBlogged is a WordPress plugin that works by autoposting content to your blog – and by letting you create autoblogs or a WP autoblog in an intuitive way. Instead of blogging the old-fashioned way, tediously creating and uploading content, this first-rate autoblogging software – and WordPress plugin – lets you autopost and create autoblogs or a WP autoblog via a well-designed autoblogging plugin. AutoBlogged is a very user-friendly plugin; it’s a snap to create autoblogs that will enhance your profitability. 

    How Autoblogging Software Works::

    The process by which the AutoBlogged autoblogging software works is simple. RSS feeds and Atom feeds are used to create fresh blog posts, saving you time while blogging. Everything is automatically updated to your WordPress.autoblog through this powerful WordPress plugin. The plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing you to set up a WordPress.autoblog or create autoblogs in seconds. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up the autopost or autoposting functions, either – this autoblogging plugin is intuitive and user-friendly. In fact, you don’t have to get involved in the technical side of the autopost or autoposting process at all; instead, you can create autoblogs by navigating the simple, streamlined AutoBlogged interface.

    Main Features of AutoBlogged::

    Setting up a Wordpress Plugin autoblog with the AutoBlogged autoblogging plugin is a snap. Many key features are included in this dynamic WordPress plugin and WP autoblog creator; they include:

    •  First-rate post filtering functionality that works seamlessly with your WP autoblog via a WordPress plugin
    • Support for images and videos within the plugin
    • Fully customizable post and autopost templates
    • Ability to override feed date with user-defined values while autoposting
    • Simple image-to-thumbnail creation
    • Enhanced tagging capabilities when you create autoblogs
    This autoblogging software can be used with WordPress 2.7 and later, allowing you to create autoblogs and other blogging features with ease. As a WordPress autoblog program, AutoBlogged automates the blogging process to an incredible degree. This simple plugin allows you to autopost without hassle, regardless of your technical skill.

    What exactly You Can Do with It::

    Thanks to the versatile nature of this WordPress plugin, autoposting – and the ability to create autoposts through the plugin -are just two of its many capabilities. After setting up the plugin and a WordPress autoblog, you’ll be able to enjoy many other blogging benefits. They include:
    ·         Creating topic portals with the intuitive autoblogging software plugin
    ·         Generating keyword-dense content via streamlined autoposting to your Wordpress Plugin autoblog or WP autoblog
    ·         Building blog networks through the WordPress plugin interface
    ·         Aggregating RSS feeds through the autoblogging software program, making it easy to autopost
    ·         Generating worthwhile alternatives to traditional domain parking using the autoposting and autoblogging plugin
    ·         Earning money by setting up multiple blogs without engaging in tedious blogging, all through one easy WordPress.autoblog autoblogging plugin

    Worthwhile Autoblogging Plugin::

    Finally, you can set aside time-consuming blogging in favor of a fully streamlined, automated autoblogging software and plugin. The AutoBlogged plugin is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to rake in significant money online. With it, anyone can autopost and create autoblogs. There are many kinds of autoblogging software out there, but this autoblogging plugin is one of the most user-friendly options. With a WP autoblog, you’ll be able to churn out high quality, keyword-saturated content through an easy-to-use autopost interface. Autoposting using this WordPress plugin couldn’t be easier – invest in it today!

    Install Wordpress Plugin right Here::::

     Because downloaded file in rar format so you must have WinRar software.

    Download WinRar HERE....

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